TIFF 2017 Gala Presentations: Top 7 Movies to Note

What to see at the 42nd Toronto International Film Festival?

There are 16 films which have been announced as part of Gala Presentation. All of them are big and star studded. However, it does not mean you will have to run to see all of them as there are many other titles which can be shown at the same time, which I am sure might be even hotter than Gala’s. But let’s get back to the main point of my article where I would like to highlight 7 Red Carpet Events that many will talk about afterwards.

The Mountain Between Us 

Directed by Hany Abu-Assad

Cast: Kate Winslet and Idris Elba

Idris Elba was considered, at least according the rumors, to portray James Bond. Kate Winslet is an Academy Award winner who is considered one of the greatest actresses of her generation. Having Elba and Winslet in one movie is already a sweet treat you would have certainly used instead of sugar. Having stuck in the wilderness after a plane crash, a surgeon, played by Elba and the journalist, Winslet have to improvise to survive in the mountains. As for us, we won’t have any choice but enjoy one of the most unusual and highly anticipated collaboration at this Festival.


Directed by Dee Rees

 Cast: Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Mary J. Blige and Garrett Hedlund

Carey Mulligan is one of those few actresses who looks astonishing in any period drama whether it is a great movie or unbearably dull. Anything she has to offer through her performance is a gift for any movie lover. Her sense of vision and commitment to craft leaves less interest to the title of the film or even its storyline. But when the same Mulligan is joined by Mary J. Blige, you know you must expect nothing less but guilty pleasure from even an unpleasant subject matter offered in Midbound.


Directed by Andy Serkins

 Cast: Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy

Another interesting and poetic collaboration is between Andrew Garfield and Claire. While Garfield is less impressive as Spider-man but speechless as an actor with a unique choice, he continues earning my respect and the love of millions of fans who see him as a talented person who is capable to carry any movie alone. Claire Foy, whose impressive performance as Queen Elizabeth The Second in Netflix’s THE CROWN has already landed her multiple awards. Now she gets an excellent opportunity to showcase at TIFF, by judging the trailer only, her delicate performance as someone who refuses to give up her patience and even love in the face of a devastating disease.


Directed by Janus Metz

Cast: Shia LaBeouf and Sverrir Gudnason

Is there anyone who does not love tennis? How many of you have heard nothing about Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg and his greatest adversary, the American John McEnroe? Well, regardless of the answer you provide, a tastefully made sport drama about tennis is already something we all must be looking forward to see. Whether you like the sport or not, Metz’s film will offer an unforgettable trip down history to watch one of the most talked matches of its time if not ever… So all what you need is to get your ticket and even popcorn to enjoy the Gala Presentation. You see, it’s not expensive but more effective.

The Wife

Directed by Bjorn Runge

Cast: Glen Close, Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater

Just having Glen Close as a lead actress along with Jonathan Pryce and Christian Slater will make any movie lover scream as loud as it could get. The Wife is based on Meg Wolitzer’s bestselling novel about an author who travels to Stockholm to collect her Nobel Prize and leaves her husband behind. Can you believe that? Well, having a deadly combination of Close-Pryce, I am afraid, in a good way though, there will be a wild ride through insane performances and outstanding story, even now, I myself am ready to be blown away ahead of time….


Directed by Deniz Gamze Erguven

Cast: Daniel Craig, Halle Berry

To have Deniz Gamze Erguven as a director is already enough to secure our attention for her next title followed by Mustang. Her second feature film and first in English language follows a recluse, played by Daniel Craig, who bravely helps a woman portrayed by Halle Berry and her children when riots erupt in Los Angeles following the 1992 acquittal of the policeman charged with assaulting Rodney King.  Which means, it’s going to be a tough movie to watch and a suitable one for Gala.

Mary Shelley

Directed by Haifaa Al Mansour

Cast: Elle Fanning, Maisie Williams, Joanne Froggatt

Just to think about the ensemble of Mary Shelley leaves the film itself aside. But in fact, it should not. Directed by Al Mansour, Mary Shelley is a biopic of the Frankenstein author, the lover affair between poet Percy Shelley and 18-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, which resulted in Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein. Remember, when above I mentioned about Carey Mulligan being one of the few actresses nowadays who is excellent in period drama? Well, Elle Fanning is another talent whose performance gets better and better every day, and the choice for role was exquisite. And I am sure, just like me you’re looking forward to seeing it as part of TIFF’s Gala event, which I am sure, is going to be spectacular.

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