Film Review: “Naked” (2017) ★★★

It took me a while to have myself content before I started watching “Naked” starring Marlon Wayans. Having heard so many negative things about the entire movie, I needed to check this out to see how bad it was. To my surprise, it was as awful as many would say. Moreover, even the language used in the movie was unacceptable and unsuitable for to my sensitive ears. So yes, “Naked” might have used, as many other movies, the Groundhog concept, but it was funny, charming and a cute movie I had pleasure viewing it.

Rob Anderson, portrayed by Marlon Wayans, is ready to tie the knot with the love of his life, Megan, played by Regina Hall. When an hour is left before finalizing the marriage, Rob finds himself stuck in a broken elevator and completely naked. As he tries to make through the challenges, the outcome of it is always the same – he wakes up in the same elevator, wearing the same “suit”, angry and confused. However, he knows that there is something wrong about everything that surrounds this strange event and he needs to find the answer before the actual day is over…

Rob is a replacement school teacher who just got an offer to work fulltime. Loved by the students, the man leaves a promising impression and hopes to have everything even better after he gets married. However, Rob is not the perfect groom he might look. Due to his busy schedule or excuses he finds, he is always late to rehearsals or can’t find time to prepare for the wedding dance. But when he appears in the elevator naked, he realizes how much he can lose if he doesn’t make it to the wedding. But every time he crosses over one barrier after another, the man learns how many gaps he had in himself, and how many more he must learn within a short amount of time before becoming a perfect groom and an even better husband to Megan.

“Naked” is a remake of Sweden’s “Naken” where the protagonist can’t remember how he ends up naked in an elevator. Perhaps, as you might find it right, remake is never better than the original version, and that’s something I would not argue with you. However, it’s a decent effort made for the North American viewers to watch, I guess, an English version of a European movie. It has many adjustments, or even the characters were changed significantly, but it still deserves our, and even your attention as it’s a good comedy about love, opportunities, not taking opportunities for granted, and use only one chance to change, rather having the same thing repeated all over again. So yes, the movie works in many ways and I am glad I had to watch it to learn all by myself. I hope you will do the same.

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