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Film Review: “Fear Us Women” (2017) ★★★★★

It’s not easy to fight against a morally empty person. Those have no compassion, empathy or anything to relate them to a humble human being. I guess in reality, ISIS is the absolute opposite of what we, as humans, should be like. And yet, there is a  group of people who will agree to fearlessly put their own lives at risk by joining the combat group, holding guns in their hands and leaving their comfortable lives behind. One will probably ask why they’d do that? Probably, to defeat the undefeatable enemy.

In the world, where women have no right to voice their opinion, a brave woman can also become the most powerful weapon against certain individuals, and the only one who can destroy their well-rooted propaganda of the eternal life. Here, you may ask how that can be done? And that’s what makes this seemingly overlooked approach so relevant. The documentary “Fear Us Women” is directed by David Darg and realized by a team of producers, including the executive producer Olivia Wilde. I should emphasize that the film touches upon a very interesting concept. To be honest, before watching the film, I had no idea about that a story like this existed. It is fascinating that not only those women joined the battlefield to fight against a prominent foe, but the cause that unites those brave women, and that is of greater importance to them than the threat of losing their own lives. And as we all know, we get only one chance to live.

This short documentary follows Hanna Bohman – a Canadian civilian and a former model, who has spent the last three years of her life in Syria – in the all-female Kurdish army known as YPJ. There, Hanna serves as a volunteer whose mission is to liberate women and even men from the chaos created by ISIS. The army includes Arabs, Kurds, and foreigners, giving a rare look into the lives of these courageous women who found the right ingredients, such as bravery, determination, anger, and perhaps, a bit of disappointment on injustice to create a powerful weapon to stand against the foe that the entire planet is unable to defeat.

This film does not aim to show the importance of women in this fight or that, they are capable of doing a man’s job. It’s more about having a different level of understanding, the desire to let others enjoy life without war, and finally about the ability to sacrifice their own lives knowing that there might be no chance to return back alive. In this film, you’ll see Bohman and the other participants, who are happy to share their time and combat skills to bring freedom. Some of them will die throughout the process, but Bohman’s explanation of the reasons why life can be lost for a greater reason is truly admirable.

In conclusion, I believe local cinemas really needed a film like “Fear Us Women”. It is like a lost treasure that has finally been found, and now we can happily share it. It’s a truly inspiring piece of work, well edited, that manages to deliver the message within the twenty-seven minutes of its running time. There is no question about why this or that has been done in a certain way. It is simply brilliant, absorbable and right to the point. “Fear Us Women” has no chance to fail. And that’s great since its story should be heard worldwide.



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