Sofia Coppola: A Name of Her Own “The Bling Ring” (2013) ★★★

Why would someone from a well-off family feel the need to steal from others? Why does someone gets obsessed with the lives of celebrities – what they wear or where they party? I am sure each and every one of us has something much better to do with our lives. But the protagonists of Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”, based on true events, think otherwise.

Inspired by actual events, the film follows a group of fame-obsessed teenagers from well-established families. Rebecca (Katie Chang) leads their little party, followed by Marc (Israel Broussard), Sam (Taissa Farmiga), and Nicki (Emma Watson). Some other friends also accompany them occasionally. All of them have committed burglaries, tracking celebrities and entering their mansions and apartments while the landlords are away. And the sole driving reason behind all these deeds is the teenagers’ fascination with the lifestyle of people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, and many others. One fact you’ll find interesting, though, is that Sam, Nicki, Marc, and Rebecca have an amazing taste in jewelry and exclusive brands; something, no one can take away from them.

“I’m a firm believer in Karma”, you will hear Nicki say more than once, and continue: “I think this situation was attracted into my life because it was supposed to be a huge learning lesson for me to grow and expand as a spiritual human being”. She then also adds: “I want to lead a country one day for all I know.” As you hear Nicki’s words, it appears hard to believe her statement, as her actions contradict her beliefs. The same goes for Marc and others, who think they are invincible before the law, if not above it. And that is the most disturbing and sad think about this story.

In conclusion, “The Bling Ring” reveals the dangerous addiction to celebrity lifestyle, as well as how no information remains private on the internet. Anyone can search and find out about the whereabouts of the celebrities. And that’s one of the reasons why a website like TMZ should carefully select the content they publish. Until those things are under strict control, the events described in “The Bling Ring” will keep on happening. So the question is, will someone learn the valuable lesson from “The Bling Ring” gang. Only the time can give an answer to this question. Let us hope we will live long enough to find that out.


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