Film Review: “Pitch Perfect 3” (2017) ★★★

“Pitch Perfect” is one of those films that has achieved longevity in its own way. Targeting younger audience, music lovers, and those who just like to relax enjoying a movie, the new sequel is an excellent medicine to relieve stress. The sad part though, everything comes to an end – good or bad. As it appears, it is also the time to let the Bellas settle down with, let go of their eventful life and discover something not which will suit them in the same way the music did. The question is – whether we as the viewers are ready to let them move on? And whether it is a right time for them to retire? For myself, I can say it’s not! But what about you, my dear reader?

Not long ago Bellas celebrated their victory at the World Championship. Now, separated, each of them tries to find their own way to achieve something in the newly discovered life. As it turns out, the fate will reunite the girls again to face new challenges. Soon, they will also meet a new group that effectively uses their voices as well as instruments.

In reality, this is just a tiny blink of what happens in “Pitch Perfect 3” The film opens with a sequence on a luxury boat with Bellas performing Britney Spears’ infamous “Toxic” (I must say, in a very impressive way!). All is good except one thing – you will keep asking yourself how and what lead them to be where we find them in the beginning. Then, the opening credits interrupt the scene and bring us back to reality. Fast-rewinding three weeks, we start learning how this new journey of the group begins.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) is no longer with Jessy. Working as a music producer, she can’t accept the company politics dictated by her boss. So, she quits. Or maybe she is fired. That doesn’t really matter much. This is just a setup to give the viewer an idea what our beloved characters are up to and what to expect for them next. They get a chance to participate in an overseas USO tour, where the favorite Cappella singers try to win DJ Khaled’s attention; by the way, he portrays himself in the film.

In conclusion, there is much to say about “Pitch Perfect 3” directed by Trish Sie. It works at every level to entertain the audience. Still, it can’t get closer to become what it used to be. The screenplay is quite entertaining, though not-so-imaginative; and the selection of soundtracks is so right that there is no room for any disappointment.  The girls continue their battle against sexism and for their right to be recognized. They still manage to spice up the stage, earn the well-deserved attention, and, eventually, make the viewer enjoy the film from the beginning to its very end. The performance of the entire cast is exceptional, so I won’t even try to distinguish any single name.

To conclude, there is nothing bad about “Pitch Perfect 3”. It’s funny, not overloaded with a complicated concept, and delivers exactly what we expect from this film – great music experience. I have no doubts you are going to enjoy it the same way as I did.

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