Film Review: “Hold Me Down” (2017) ★★★★


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Poverty is one of the major problems in our world. But how often do we think about it? Why do certain people go through hardships day after day, while others enjoy luxury somewhere in the Bahamas or wherever it is? One might say – that’s bad luck or destiny. Whatever it is, what is captured in the short film called “Hold me down” is an unfortunate reality that no living person should ever go through.

Set in the Bronx and based on true events, the film focuses on one day of the life of a young single mother named Unique Adams. We meet her as she struggles to provide for herself and her infant child. Barely able to find money for food, the young woman works at night as a stripper. Sometimes, she has to offer additional services too in order to bring something home.

The opening scene is devastating. We watch Unique replace the baby’s diaper with a plastic bag. Hours later, she is blamed for not doing enough to earn more money. As the night approaches, Tanisha dresses up to go to the nightclub to perform. But then she realizes that she can do much more than just dancing. She has everything to attract more clients than her other colleagues.

Written and directed by Niclas Gillis, “Hold me down” sends an uncompromised, unfiltered, and powerful message to everyone who tries to undermine women’s ability in doing the unimaginable to get money for diapers and anything else their infants might need. The film’s profound approach to capturing one woman’s life is heartbreaking. At the same time, it is necessary to show how women allow their bodies to be exploited to earn some money for their children.


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