Film Review: “Snapshots” (2018) ★★★★


The life is full of mysteries. Every day may bring new, amazing revelations, most unexpected surprises, and, at times, some very unpleasant things. However, no matter what, for every individual, these experiences are unique and bring changes that only destiny has predicted for them. And that’s what sets the story of “Snapshots” by Melanie Mayron.

It is a bright summer day. Rose is at the lake house, where she finds herself revisiting the memory of her past. She remembers her lost love trying to find redemption through her grown-up daughter Patty and granddaughter Allison. As it turns out, Allison has a secret to hide, which is most certainly in power to change her future. As the past arrives without an invitation, these three women from different generations will have to find a way to console each other through the understanding and empathy which, at times, they have been quite greedy to share with one another.

Set in two different timelines, the film takes us back to 1960’s, where Rose (Piper Laurie) and her husband Joe Muller (Max Adler) are sure the happiness they share and cherish so much shall be permanent. On a hot summer day, out of blue two people enter their life – Louise (Emily Goss) and Zee (Brett Dier). They are to bring a hit that young Rose will not know how to handle. Louise immediately falls for shy Rose. Although Rose struggles to resist Louise’s attraction and tries to eliminate her presence in her life, in the end, she allows herself to go through this unimaginable dream. She enters this tender relationship, which is an uncompromised and sensual experience that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

In the meantime, Allison (Emily Baldoni) learns that she is pregnant with Marc’s child, but their relationship seems to be facing a crisis. Afraid of being judged, Allison tries not to reveal her dark secret to anyone. In the course of the next couple days, she will learn to listen to herself, her mother Patty and her sweet grandma Rose, who is an amazingly open-minded and supportive person. But more importantly, she will soon have to make the most important journey down the memory lane to share what hurts most and through that pain find a cure to heal some wounds which are worse than a bleeding heart.

Written by Jan Miller Corran and directed by Melanie Mayron, “Snapshots” is an amazingly beautiful film about love, understanding, taking risks and living the life to the fullest. It is about family values that cannot be taken for granted. Through Mayron’s film, the viewer is invited to witness the power of memory that cannot be damaged even by the dust of time. Beautifully acted, the subtle and sensual relationship between Rose and Louise, as well as the mother-and-daughter relationships, turn this film into a heart-warming, profound and genuine piece of art, that is highly recommended to be seen by anyone who enjoys watching good indie dramas.

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