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Film Review: “Seeds” (2018) ★★★


Marcus (Trevor Long) is a nice human being who is forced to face a dangerous creature that follows him like his shadow.  When his beloved niece Lily (Andrea Chen) pays him a visit, his deepest fear slowly finds its way to come out. This time, it is not only himself and his sanity that Marcus has to save but also his loved ones.

Marcus’ brother Michael is separating from his wife. He tries hard to find the right balance in his life and to look after his young son Spencer and teenage daughter Lily. Eventually, Michael asks for his brother’s help to back him up. Marcus dutifully agrees and accepts his new responsibility. He is eager to do his best to fulfill his promise. Soon, though, he finds himself trapped between two powers – the temptation that devours him and the inner monster that he tries to hold back. He finds himself battling his sexual desires that can be considered immoral, unlawful and much worse.

As the story unfolds, we learn about the relationship between Marcus and Lily. At some point, it crosses all the normal, acceptable boundaries. To be fair here, one should mention that it is not Marcus but Lily who makes one advance after another, while her uncle keeps resisting that tempting offer by controlling himself. Yet, there is still a darker secret that Marcus hides from Lily and her brother. Soon, that same horrifying piece of information will take a new shape, and hide inside Marcus.

“Seeds” is written by Steven Weismann, based on the story by the director of the film – Owen Long. This is a story of temptations and monsters that find a perfect body to inhabit. This is also a film about denying one’s darkest and forbidden desires, and the realization of the importance of making sacrifices. Finally, the film tells us about being able to do the right thing when there are not so many options to chose from. More like a light horror film, “Seeds” has that rare presentable look. Long’s film is a decent indie piece that is certainly worthwhile seeing.

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