TV Review: Netflix`s “Santa Clarita Diet” Season 2 (2017 -) ★★★★★


We all enjoy the bestselling novels that tell about endless love which cannot be torn apart even by death, don’t we? This time, though, Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” gives us a story that no bestseller can compete with. Created by Victor Fresco, these series come to prove that no matter how bad the things will go in a marriage – and in this case, we deal with a spouse that all of a sudden turns into an undead – there is no reason to be alarmed, as life is still beautiful and it is it is better to be undead than dead. Don’t you agree?

Most likely, you already know the story of the show. Joel and Sheila are a happily married couple. They have excellent jobs as realtors, a beautiful and intelligent teenage daughter Abby, who is friends with their amazingly supportive neighbor boy Eric. All is good in their lives until Sheila is forced to revise her diet. Now, she will be eating human flesh. It all happens after she eats clams at the local restaurant. This makes her gravely ill, literally. However, they do not know how bad her condition is (as if not having a pulse is not bad enough) until she eats her colleague Gary.

If you’ve got a chance to watch the complete first season on Netflix, there’s no need to go into the details of what happens afterward with this family. Just be assured that everything that happens is ridiculously funny, wicked and brilliantly engaging. In fact, I can’t believe that a concept like this can appear so hilarious and entertaining. The way Sheila eats her daily food is seriously so unacceptably tempting…

Putting aside Sheila being a zombie, the series describes the family relationships. The story is amazingly charming and takes us all into a world full of harmony, laughter, and happiness, from where nobody wants to come back. Joel is a dream husband. He does everything to support his wife and is willing to cross all the lines to fulfill his promise to her – to continue loving her in her sickness and health no matter what.

Abby, portrayed by Liv Hewson, is a good example of a child every parent must raise. She even helps her mother to find another bad guy to eat for dinner. But that’s not the only reason to love her. She’s a very understanding, caring, and loving daughter, who knows that by running away from a problem one cannot solve it. Facing the trouble is the only way to find a long-term solution. Her friend Eric uses his skills and knowledge in science to help her.

The performance delivered by the cast can’t be any better. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are born to portray such a cute and adorable married couple. It is hard to imagine a better match. Watch at least one scene with them together, and there is no way you will disagree with me on this. I must say, they are absolutely outstanding.

In conclusion, “Santa Clarita Diet” is a perfect, refreshing sitcom with some unique and great lines. Every scene is a masterpiece. Every dialogue is memorable. Every plot twist and its outcome provides us with everyone necessary to enjoy it thoroughly. It delivers everything the viewer might need without holding anything back. If we talk about comedies that put the viewer first, then “Santa Clarita Diet” is one of them.

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