Film Review: “The Hurricane Heist” (2018) ★★★


Most viewers do not easily buy story concepts like “The Hurricane Heist”. To make the story short – it is quite unreal and hard to believe in what the film tells. On the other hand, the film is quite entertaining. It is well executed and does not require much from the viewers. I think one should give credit to the director Rob Cohen since the film he has made is not boring and holds the viewer’s attention, even if it falls short in other aspects.

The film follows Will – an experienced meteorologist who returns Gulfport to chase the hurricane named Tammy. In that same city, decades ago another hurricane took his father’s life. We see Will trying to rescue his brother from the deadly hurricane, yet, soon both brothers will shift their attention to something much more important than the disaster caused by Mother Nature. They will try to save the local Treasure branch, with 600 million dollars of bills which might be robbed by a group of thieves who plan to use the hurricane as their cover.

The opening scene of the film gives us a good understanding of why Will has chosen this profession for himself, or why his brother Breeze feels that he has failed Will or has not done not do enough for him. In that scene, we see them as children, struggling to survive the strongest hurricane at that point which destroys everything it finds on its way. Their father also becomes a victim of that catastrophe. Decades later, the brothers have their own list of accomplishments in their lives but are still stuck in the painful past.

By the time Will returns to his hometown, the Hurricane of the Century is spreading the wings to hit the little city. Sheriff Dixon orders a mandatory evacuation. In the meantime,  we meet Treasury agent Casey, who is the only one who knows the code for the treasury. She will soon find herself in the epicenter of conspiracy arranged by the greedy people who will stop at nothing to take over such a big sum.

An important issue with “The Hurricane Heist” is that in some scenes the brothers try to fool the hurricane, meaning that they are so experienced that they know how to survive even when they find themselves at the heart of it. This is something, I can hardly argue with. With over 7 billions of population, there is probably someone like Will or Breeze who knows how to communicate with Nature. It’s just that we have not heard of them. Just not yet…

But even that does not makes Rob Cohen’s film unpleasant or dull. Of course, I have to admit this is not a film for viewers who crave for stories that make them think or raise questions, which would rather prefer watching “To Kill a Mockingbird” instead. If you want to relax and not think much for the next one and half hours, “The Hurricane Heist” is just fine watch for you.

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