Inside Out 2018 Review: “Silvana” (2017) ★★★★


What do we call change? How do we define it when something unusual or queer happens around us? For that, there is no need to declare war, or do something crazy and unreal. It’s about being ourselves, our best side of selves that will be tempting enough for others to follow.

It took me minutes, I must admit, to get a better understanding of who Silvana Imam is, her agenda, goals and the world she sees. Indeed, that strangeness and uniqueness of her personality was quite amazing, because there are not many rebellions out there to speak up for those who have no voice or was taken that away from them.

Silvana Imam is a rapper from Sweden who says “I want to represent the other side of this disgusting country. Through her deeply provocative lyrics, we learn a lot about her, why she desperately wants to change the world, the world that has always been conservative and will take time to get it reshaped, modernized and be more tolerant than it is now. Whether Silvana will be that change or someone else, there is a strong narrative through her words the viewer can clearly hear, the change is here, the change is now, and the change is anyone who represents this planet Earth.

As the story unfolds, Silvana never tries to have an appealing look to impress the majority, she never acts differently or goes against herself or her beliefs. Through her alliance, friendship and relationship with pop star Beatrice Eli, both women combine in one bold message that they mean to deliver to everyone who is capable of hearing their voices or plea from far. Silvana even says at some point, “The same type of people get all the recognition. That’s not fair. I want to be the change. I want to be the future.” And during the course of the film, which starts in 2014 and ends in 2016, you will come to realize that every word said has meaning and fit rightly into any situation. And anything you will hear from Silvana comes to a logical conclusion by the end of the film, when actions, at the end of the day, is the true driver for any change to happen.

In conclusion, “Silvana”, directed by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring and Christina Tsiobanelis is one of the most extravagant and crowd-pleasing documentary feature about the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam, her journey, life and the change she wants to see in this world. If I say it was inspiring will be the least what the word can describe, as it provides much more than the Oxford vocabulary can ever come up with. Because it is not a word or an ordinary human being, she is more like an eye and ear translator that tells through herself what can’t be defined by any force of nature. And that’s the true treasure of this beautifully narrated film.


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