ICFF 2018 Review: “The Family House” (2017) ★★★★


To fall into a deep coma and remain in that condition for five years is alarming but admirable if the family decides to keep life support on, just in case. Miracles happen, right? Well, maybe more often in movies than in real life, but it still counts. However, there is one thing one person should remember – to never sell any belonging of anyone who’s still in hospital or in coma in case he wakes up and recovers. Because when it happens, imagine the awkward situation that individual can find himself in when after arriving home he learn it’s sold with all the belongings…

In this genuinely funny comedy from Augusto Fornari, four siblings – Fanny (Matilde Gioli), Giacinto (Libero De Rienzo), Alex (Lino Guanciale), Oresto (Stefano Fres) each have a different problem they must face. But the biggest one is yet to arrive when after the day of an agreement signed with an old family friend, their father regains consciousness all of a sudden. Not knowing what to do, the siblings are determined to get the house back and everything else that was sold with it, while they try to repair their own relationship with the help of their father who did not realize how much his children needed him when he was sick.

“La Casa di Famiglia”or “The Family House” is an adorable and lighthearted film about a family, rebuilding relationships, appreciation and, of course, not selling someone’s house if the person is still alive! There is an interesting atmosphere in the film where at some point you will find yourself cheering for each character as if they were real. Perhaps, credit should go to the director as well, but the stellar cast has done its job impeccably to have the story told in such a cute way.

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