TV Review: Netflix`s “GLOW” Season 2 (2018 – ) ★★★★★


In the first season of Netflix’s “GLOW” when it almost reached the season finale, it was clear the direction the series was about to take. Even though it could have been far from even getting closer to achieving its goal of not only reaching out a wider audience but deliver a strong message, season 2 proved that even the impossible can be possible. The entire season is filled with emotional revelations, romantic disappointments, finding love, marriage, kidnapping and the message sent to kidnappers. Season 2 did what every show must do – never waste the platform given and not forgetting to deliver entertainment at the same time, which is what “GLOW” season two is all about.

Same as season one, the gorgeous girls of wrestling continue proving their point, exercising and crafting their skills in wrestling. As they navigate from one day to another, the rivalry between Ruth and Debbie intensifies, Sam as a director feels less insecure, Mark as a producer of the show continues counting every penny, Justine, Sam’s daughter juggles between two parents, and all these and many other events will occur in ten episodes which will conclude in an epic form no single TV show has ever managed before…

There are very important matters touched in “GLOW” and one of them is kidnapping, wherein one episode even a song is dedicated to kidnappers and why it’s bad to separate children from their family in such a cruel way. It also highlights how womenfolk are treated in the TV industry where a show can live or die, but it’s all up to the woman if she allows or stops unwanted sexual advances coming from men in the form of blackmail.

But more importantly, it’s the strength and excellent physical readiness of every cast member of “GLOW” that never stops amazing me, as what they do is unreal, mind-blowing and truly unique. They not only make their characters live on the screen, they take them outside of it, showing the world why women power matters through their they take as actors, as storytellers and as human beings. Filled with drama, comedy, even a bit of violence and all sort of emotions, “GLOW” creates an excellent space for itself in which every viewer with a variety of tastes can be fit in. It’s intelligent, mindful, entertaining, and a truly superb show, with season two from now on wearing the crown. And if it doesnt “GLOW” then what does?

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