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Sundance 2018 Review: “Juliet, Naked” (2018) ★★★★★


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We watch films for a billion reason. To state a few: films give us an opportunity to escape the daily reality, to laugh and cry, learn something new or just enter the world that is an alternative to ours. But when we see an incredibly touching romantic comedy, it can send all of into a deep awe, wishing never to get back to where we are, no matter how comfortable we are with our lives.

Annie finds herself fully consumed by her 15-year relationship with Duncan – an obsessive fan of a long-lost-without-visible-trace rocker Tucker Crowe. His little room is full of Crowe’s pictures, while his heart is completely occupied by the songs of the rockstar, even more than by his own girlfriend Annie. In her turn, Annie always criticizes Crowe’s song and writes a negative review after hearing his acoustic demo song on Duncan’s website devoted to his idol. The responses she gets to her post are overwhelming but one person draws her attention by sending her a personal email – Tucker Crowe himself.

As the film starts, we find Duncan and Annie in an average relationship. She is attractive and he is charismatic. But they are both missing something unique in their relationship. The viewer knows immediately there is no passion in their life. Maybe the reason is his obsession, or he is yet to find his second half. Or maybe that second half has always been Tucker Crowe who unintentionally has always stood between Annie and Duncan. Everything changes when Duncan receives a letter from Tucker with his most famous song from 25 years ago. That letter is opened by Annie who decides to listen to the song. At that same moment, Duncan is at school, talking with a new teacher – Gina, with whom it appears he is very enthusiastic to chat about anything.

As Annie continues listening to “Juliet, Naked” she realizes she is not that different from what she has always refused to accept in Duncan. she does love the song but her stubbornness does not allow her to admit it. Immediately, she decides to post a negative review on a website and many people agree with her opinion. It turns out that Tucker Crowe also thinks that same way. He sends her an email, which sets a beginning of the correspondence between them until they decide to meet in person.

Honestly speaking, “Juliet, Naked” is one of those comedies from the 90s, we always feel are irreplaceable. And it is not surprising that they still are! This piece brings back the true meaning of what the real storytelling is. Don’t we all love intelligent lines- wicked and nail-biting? This always reminds us of the Golden Era of Hollywood. Back then, they knew exactly how to bring the audience to cinemas. Ethan Hawke as Tucker Crowe and Rose Byrne as Annie bring to us a film pair that we have been looking for. And now, we’re going to become too addicted to them. Together they are too adorable, lovely and super real. They are funny and intelligent. They both know exactly how to handle their parts. And, God knows, they do it so brilliantly.

In conclusion, “Juliet, Naked”, based on British author Nick Hornby’s novel, and directed by Jesse Peretz, is a sweet and cute romantic comedy that will become an instant classing.  I am sure it is going to be accepted to the same league as “How Harry Met Sally”, “You’ve got Mail” or “Sleepless in Seattle”. It will warm your heart, no matter how cold it might be outdoors.

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