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Sundance 2019 TV Review: Netflix`s “Delhi Crime” (2019 -) ★★★★★


Photo by Johan Aidt – © Sundance Institute

What do we do in order to teach our sons to grow and become a good man? Why do we fail to explain to them the true meaning of mutual respect? The move is about the events that took place in 2012, in india’s capital, New Delhi, that brought the world to its knee. Six men attacked a young woman and her friend in a moving bus. With the young man unable to protect her, the woman was brutally gang raped by six men in a moving bus. And if that was not enough, they remove her intestines to leave her no chances to survive.

Fortunately, “Delhi Crime” does not take the viewer right into the bus where the heinous crime occurred, but navigates from that moment on, when two people were found on the road, naked and cold. It was that moment when Deputy Vartika brings Delhi police together as they begin their run against the clock to find those six men that committed the demonic act of violence. Different cities, media, protests, investigation filled with the chilling atmosphere, creator Richie Mehta explores the law and order situation in India and how they treat crime against women.

Presenting only two episodes at the Sundance Film Festival, “Delhi Crime” is an unbelievably emotionally charged series that captures what happened after the event, the media attention, how the police tried to find those men and their missing bus. As you may already know the true story, this film tries to dramatize events to remind the importance of coming together to stop crimes like these from ever happening again.

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