Film Review: “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” (2018) ★★★★★


Every event that occurs deserves to be told. For them to be known to the world, somebody has to write about it. If we want to see that in a film, then we have a screenwriter in place, and then a magician called the director who helps translate that onto the big screen. Of course, without actors the mission can’t really get accomplished. Indeed, it’s the circle of the cinematic world we adore that much. But here’s the question – how many players do we need for the new “Mission: Impossible” franchise to be told? Many, you might say. And you’ll be right. But Tom Cruise needs none, as he has within himself all the qualities to deliver what the entire crew barely can, with all due respect. You don’t believe me? Then you must see “Fallout” to acknowledge that hard and undeniable fact.

The sixth installment follows the same old beloved and still extremely entertaining character, Ethan Hunt, who attempts to prevent a disaster of biblical proportions. A group of terrorists known as The Apostles plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapon disappears due to a failed mission lead by Hunt and his team, the man finds himself in an unusual race against his beliefs, fear and time that don’t quite work well together, but perhaps has the right combination to turn into the impossible mission from falling out.

John Clark is an unknown arms dealer and author of an apocalyptic manifesto in which he calls for the destruction of the current world order by saying, “There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace.” It will also be repeated by Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), “… The end you’ve always feared is coming. It’s coming, Ethan, and the blood will be on your hands.” When Ethan learns about John Clark, he takes his identity to meet with the broker known as White Widow (Vanessa Kirby) who has only one demand if Ethan/Clark wants to get the plutoniums – to extract Solomon Lane and deliver him to her, alive.

In order for the mission to be executed by Ethan’s team, CIA’s chief Erica Sloan (Angela Bassett) orders Hunt to have August Walker (Henry Cavill) assist him with the mission, and in fact to take control, if necessary. Hunt has no choice but to accept the order as he knows, having a mass destruction weapon land in the wrong hands is much worse than fighting over his disagreements. In fact, Walker appears to be useful throughout the film, proving once again why Ethan should never stop trusting his own gut. In the meantime, nothing appears easy as Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) appears before Hunt with a completely different mission, having both the agents in a conflicting situation where only killing one of them can solve it. But will they go that far is another maneuver the viewer will certainly know is not an easy one for both of them to make.

As you can imagine, within two hours and 27 minutes of running time, there’s a lot to see, much more to admire and even more to respect in what appears to be the most definitive and cleverly action packed film with an out-of-the-world pace and mind-blowing stunts we mortal people will never understand. And Tom Cruise – what this exceptional talent does has no precedent to it. And to be precise, that precedent needs to be renamed after Tom Cruise as there is no such person who would put his own life on the line to have such life-threating stunts be executed in a way you will hang on throughout the movie.

The toilet fighting scenes, jumping from one building to another, chasing on a motorcycle against traffic, or the helicopter scene can alone make you watch the film hundreds of time. Michelle Monaghan’s appearance as Julia Meads-Hunt adds an emotional sequence to the film with no tears you will find hard to watch. Having that soft love triangle between Hunt-Julia-Ilsa makes the film one of the best, as it never shows the rivalry, frustration or anything that could remind you of an average film. And to simply be brief, it was a masterful part I am sure you will all notice.

In conclusion, Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible – Fallout” is an outstanding action thriller that has everything to offer to even the most indifferent viewer. If there are any negative views the viewer may have had, it will all remain in the past as what this series does is something no language in the world can describe. And from this moment on, Cruise, is in my opinion the James Bond of all Bonds put together and not just an Ethan Hunt character, but as an individual, actor and simply a dedicated artist whose approach I believe no one can ever beat.

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