Fantasia 2018 Review: “The Vanished” (2018) ★★★★


A family affair can be a complicated thing to sort out. Especially when that affair means a murder. The murder might be an easy task for investigators to solve, but what to do when there’s no body? “The Vanished” is a remake of Spanish movie “El Cuerpo”, directed originally by Oriol Paulo, but now decently made by the South Korean filmmaker Chang-hee Lee for the South Korean viewers, and why not, if they can do it in the right way?

One of the best investigators is sent to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to investigate the disappearance of Yoon Sul-hee’s body. The problem is, the police is certain it was her trophy husband, young and handsome Park Jin-Han (Kang-woo Kim) who killed her, but the husband claims the wife is still alive. Whether he tells the truth or tries to mislead the investigation process, Jung-sik, a renowned detective, is sure he does not need to go far to look for the murderer. All what he needs is to find the body that seems to not want to be found.

Yoon Seol-hee, aged 45, is the Chairman of Barron Holdings who, apart from enormous wealth, has a younger husband to showcase. She seems to feel her husband does not need to work as she is capable of providing. However, her constant meetings and late-night works leaves her, one can assume, to admire her husband from a distance. But what she does not know is her husband’s sinister plan that he carries deep in his mind hoping he finally can free himself from a controlling wife. The problem is, the wife will think otherwise with her body being vanished.

“The Vanished”, if you happen to have not seen the original version of this film, is a suspenseful crime thriller where the cat and mouse chase begins between the detective, husband, and the vanished body. And the twisted ending is like a dessert which without tea or coffee one won’t be able to appreciate.

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