TIFF 2018 Review: “A Star is Born” (2018) ★★


There’s a big hype around the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper, who challenges the newer version of “A Star is Born.” Largely, it’s perhaps because of Lady Gaga who he decided to cast, which is fine with me. Frankly, the soundtrack, cinematography and even writing came out beautifully. However, one thing I could not quite figure out is the awful performance missed by the director/actor Bradley Cooper. Yes, Lady Gaga’s singing was brilliant but the Oscar is given for an outstanding and mind-blowing performance, which “A Star is Born” did not have. Singing, yes. But for that we have another award called Grammy.

“A Star is Born” centers around Jack, a musician and composer who notices a unique talent in Ally (Lady Gaga). He falls for her madly right from the beginning. As their relationship continues, Ally’s singing career becomes big. As she turns out to be a new star that’s born, it’s Jack whose stardom is getting bleaker with constant use alcohol and drug. But as it usually happens, every love story, every romance has two endings, and the happy one sometimes is neither of them.

What happens next in “A Star is Born” is something you might already know, if you have seen three different versions of it. As for the film itself, it’s truly charming, the writing is superb, Lady Gaga does what she is truly good at – singing. Bradley Cooper sings as well but they both forgot to apply the most essential tool in the cinematic world – breathing life into the characters they portray. Unfortunately, despite the charm of the movie and a spellbound atmosphere, there was no emotional depth in both Ally and Jack. Both actors seem to have misunderstood their characters. Although Lady Gaga as a first-time actress was impressive and should be encouraging in her future pursuits of her movie career.

Bradley Cooper as a drunk artist was truly believable, but only for a silent movie. Unfortunately, what Jack had to say and Cooper’s performance, were not in sync, which is truly upsetting. And I think the main issue was, maybe he needed to let someone else direct the film and have his mind fully concentrated on acting. Maybe that was the missing part. But unfortunately, at this point, there’s nothing that can be done. Both Ally and Jack are an incredible couple who we all should root for. But unfortunately, both were missing a heartbeat, and without that, no life exists.

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