TIFF 2018 Review: “The Man Who Feels No Pain” (2018) ★★★★★


Imagine there’s such a power existing where you feel no pain at all? When the leg, hand or any part of the body aches and you feel absolutely nothing? Well, Bollywood has found a way to use that rare medical condition to their own benefit to create one of the most mind-blowing action sequences that only Bollywood can deliver.

“The Man Who Feels No Pain” follows a young man named Surya. He was born with a rare medical condition that makes him immune to pain. He can literally drink boiled water and not get burned, break his leg, cut his hand, do just about anything we ordinary people avoid. Surya is always there to get them, as the feeling of pain is quite foreign to him. He starts learning martial arts to some day fight a hundred men. But to get there, there’s one rule he must never forget – to drink water, as dehydration is the only way he can be defeated.

Supri is Surya’s childhood friend with whom he develops a special bond. He also dreams to save her from her evil father and one day the same dream hurts the man, which turned him into a potentially dangerous child. But there’s also one advice Surya knows to never stop following: “Behind every mind-blowing story, there’s a bad decision”, which frankly Surya will never stop making.

In conclusion, “The Man Who Never Feels Pain” is an outstanding action comedy filled with the best fight scenes ever. Trust me, there’s no such fighter from any part of the world who would ever want to mess with Surya, Supri and a one-legged man who can beat one hundred men and not even blink. So, if you know what I am talking about, then let’s just forget reality and enjoy the fantasy being offered by Bollywood, which in most cases, is the best way to escape clichéd movies.

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