NYFF 2018 Review: “Border” (2018) ★★★★


Isn’t it a good and useful skill to be able to smell people’s fear, shame, whether they are a good or bad person, a drug dealer or a smuggler? Tina stands at the border using her ability where even machines may fail. So far, she has managed to send to prison many people that bring only harm to our society. But how did she get that skill and who she is really is in itself a truly fascinating fact to learn about.

“Border” from Ali Abbasi stands out from any movie you have seen before – it’s wicked, intelligent, explores humanity and beyond. And on top of that, there’s absolutely beautiful performances delivered by Eva Melander as Tina and Eero Milinoff’s Vore. The make-up department made them look in such a way that no one would look uglier than them yet be the most real and charming at the same time. The connection the two actors share is incomparable.

The concept of the film, which I intentionally prefer not to write about much in my review, is thought-provoking, wise and worthwhile knowing. As it is hard to even come up with anything “Border” had to offer, one thing you must be sure of is that it’s perhaps one of the most weirdest movies you have even seen. Literally. So prepare to be amazed, shocked and fall in love with something you’re yet to see.

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