Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2018: “House Among the Trees (2018) ★★★

Curiosity is a nice thing to have. It can be enhanced by doing certain things such as asking questions, exploring the city, museums, or just walking around the neighborhood to learn more about your neighbors. While this seems like just an innocent preference, the curiosity can do harm too. You don’t believe it? Then you should certainly check out “House Among the Trees”, just to have some idea what may happen next.

Ryder is a nice resident who continues checking out the cottage of his neighbor when all of a sudden he finds an unexpected visitor, a lady (Sandra Foisy), who claims to be a distant relative to escape the big city. Ryder, of course, buys what she says. However, he would soon learn the hard way that what he sees right now is nothing in comparison to what he is about to find out.

One rule must be followed by everyone – never accept a drink from a stranger, especially from one who looks suspicious. Tommy Furino’s Ryder does not seem to be knowing that piece of wisdom. But there’s nothing to worry about, as he will get plenty of opportunities to understand the importance of taking precautions. Unfortunately, he won’t be having much time to fix the innocent mistake that he made but it reminds him to always stay away from the house among the trees.

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