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Film Review: “The Christmas Chronicles” (2018) ★★★★★


We endlessly love Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, Nine Months and Adventures in Babysitting. You probably know the aforementioned classics were directed by Chris Columbus, a man who, like no one else, knows how to bring emotion, laughter, and a cheerful atmosphere on the silver screen. And when Christmas time is just around the corner, we know we can trust our old and beloved classic movies that never disappoint. “The Christmas Chronicles”, directed by Clay Kaytis and co-produced by Columbus himself is an instant classic. Trust me that there is no way you would not love it. It brings us all that we need to begin the most incredible season of the year – opening doors to the most charismatic Santa Claus you will ever meet, played by great Kurt Russell.

Kate and Teddy are siblings. Kate is a true believer of Santa Claus while Teddy is skeptical about it. At some point, he wanted to tell her he doesn’t exist. But then, after seeing how genuine she was in her assurance, he held his thoughts back and says nothing. Their single mother, Claire, is called to the hospital for a night shift, leaving Teddy to look after his younger sister on Christmas Eve. However, one thing the mother does not know is that the night the children are about to greet is going to be filled with revelation, adventure, saving Christmas, pride, heroism and the unity between Teddy, Kate and Santa Claus.

Kate, upon reviewing a video recording, notices the hand of someone who wears red. She quickly jumps to the conclusion that it was Santa. Teddy, of course, does not think that way. However, he agrees to fully cooperate in her sister’s mission to catch Mr. Claus at night, so she can record him on video, and if they are lucky enough, prove to the world that Santa Claus truly exists. In fact, Mr. Gift Giver does appear in their house, but a little accident occurs right after, when because of the chaos created by Teddy and Kate, Santa Claus loses his reindeers in a park. Being too far from them, he lets the children help him locate the reindeers and save the Christmas Spirit in people before it’s too late.

Teddy was too argumentative with Santa, asking, how is it even possible that the Christmas Spirit can go down in people if they miss some lame gift from Santa Claus? Then, the old man looks at him and says, “Christmas spirit is more powerful than you could ever imagine. People need Christmas to remind themselves of how good they can be. Without it, well, Christmas simply… must endure.”

Every scene in “The Christmas Chronicles” is pure magic. It grabs your attention, takes away all the negative energy, and replaces it with sublime feelings. It’s almost like you gain the ability to fly. The scene at Nick’s Place when Santa enters the restaurant in the hope to get a ride to the city was a masterpiece. Those kinds of scenes are what we live for. Nobody, of course, except Wendy (Vella Lovell), an employee, believed that Nick, Santa’s real name, is a real Santa Claus. But that particular scene was enough to transport you to the sweet 80s and 90s, when almost every movie made turned into an instant classic.

The police scene though, was one of the best. However, you should be prepared for an excellent journey filled with the Christmas mood. Excellent performances delivered by Judah Lewis as Teddy, Darby Camp as Kate, and of course, Kurt Russell, who seems as if he was born to become Santa Claus that we all helplessly fall in love with. His Santa was bold, smart, uncompromising, challenging, yet an easy going fellow who knew everything about everyone. But do not expect Kurt Russell’s Santa Claus to be modest, because he was not. He is ridiculously funny so much so that you won’t believe your own eyes. But there’s one thing he is afraid of though, it’s Mrs Claus, who was portrayed by one and only Goldie Hawn.

In conclusion, “The Christmas Chronicles” is a Christmas movie that can be seen by the entire family. All the lines delivered are a kid-friendly. As it usually happens, this movie also tries to deliver a certain message to the people about being kind, generous, and not to forget to be like that all year around. It is a sweet and funny piece that, I am certain, will be on your top ten play list every year to watch on Christmas. Because I will and I am sure you will too. Because if not this, then what else?

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