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Film Review: “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two” (2020)


Rating: 3 out of 5.

When the first part of “The Christmas Chronicles” came out, it was as big as Christmas itself. Be it the writing or direction, all was on top, including the new Santa played by an incomparable Kurt Russell. But expecting the same success for “Chronicles 2″ from the same director would sound like a silly question. But after watching it, you will understand why.

Kate Pierce (Darby Camp) is growing fast. But as she adds more years, she is developing jealousy towards her Mom’s new relationship with Bob (Tyrese Gibson). Whether it’s cynism or not, she openly objects the new man in the family and wishes to escape from everyone for the time being. Her self-centered wish was granted by a naughty and rebellious elf named Belsnickel (Julian Dennison). After getting lost somewhere in a cold place and freezing to death with Bob’s son, Jack (Jazhir Bruno), they are found by Santa Claus (Kurt Russell), who brings them to his village where their new journey of reaching Christmas begins.

By far, the first part of the instalment of “Chronicles” (I guess, we can call it that) was much better. However, the second part touches upon subjects as self-esteem, egoism, love for one another, being nice and believing in the best version of ourselves. Certainly, it had many other ways it could’ve played out. But what we get in the second part is sufficient enough to care about. Especially when we know that the town has a Mrs Santa Claus, played by the always funny and generous Goldie Hawn.

The film does require a few touch-ups here and there. But once you begin to watch the airport scene, you will forget about all the flaws the film had and rush to rewatch it again. Because it brings the most sacred feeling we should have by now but has been held back due to the global pandemic – the Christmas Spirit, which this will revive. So you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting ready for the film that brings back the holiday mood and reminds us once again – we must continue believing and be hopeful about tomorrow, cherish the moments we have and get the best out of it. Because the chance we have today may not be there tomorrow.

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