Movie Review: “The Cloverfield Paradox” (2018) ★★


We – the humans, can’t stay out of trouble, can we? And by trouble, I don’t necessarily mean a minor trouble we usually tend to create for ourselves. Quite often it is the human desire to create something new, or to be the first to fulfill some ambitious plan that ends up bringing more harm than use to the planet – the only home we’ve got for now. So why don’t we inhabit this planet peacefully, avoiding creating any damage to it? Well, if we were really so caring about our home, there would not be the needs of such films as  “The Cloverfield Paradox” to remind us how many unnecessary problems we cause and how badly they can end.

The fifth blackout for the day. The Planet is facing an energy crisis. People are starving. There is no hope for survival. Russians threaten with ground invasion despite the fact that their oil reserves are at risk to be wasted. While there’s darkness at the end of the long and depressing tunnel, a group of astronauts is sent on a mission to make unlimited energy which will later be sent down to Earth. The Shepard Particle Accelerator is the only device that can give the humans faith for a bright future.  Instead, the entire mission is turned into a nightmare by smashing two different alternate universes into one.

As we learn in the film, this accelerator is built 1000 times stronger and powerful than any device ever made before. According to the author of “The Cloverfield Parades”, in case the device is activated, it can open the membrane of the space-time, smashing together multiple dimensions, shattering the reality not only on the shuttle but everywhere else as well. If that is not enough to get worried about the future of the planet, the author also warns us about the risky experiment that may open a gate for all kinds of monsters, beasts in the past, present, and future.

From producer J.J. Abrams and director Julius Onah “The Cloverfield Paradox” is far from being considered as good as its predecessors. Still, it is a good enough film to set the decent foundation for its successors.  Despite having a stellar cast, the film misses its aim, leaving us without much excitement. However, the premise is all this film can offer. But sometimes, that is more than enough to attract an insane amount of viewers. And I have no doubt that this film will surely succeed in that.

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