Film Review: “Bird Box” (2018) ★★★★

When I first watched Netflix’s “Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock, I felt terrified for the future of the film. In fact, I thought it will be dead after arriving on Netflix and will be ignored by the majority. After all, who needs another “A Quiet Place” if we already have one which was great? After digging a little deep, I realized Susanna Bier’s “Bird Box”, based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 titular novel, was written way before “A Quiet Place”, which happened to celebrate the appearance on silver screen before Bier got a chance to direct it. And it was quite something.

Set in an uncertain future, the world is in complete chaos after a very strange, unexplained and unseen to the naked eye horrific presence forces people to commit suicide. Malorie, who’s soon to become a single mother, on her way home from the hospital faces the reality of the nightmare when people one after another start dying. Five years later from day one, the world has not changed and now, with two children, she must embark herself on a very dangerous trip that is rather doomed to fail. But Malorie takes no chances and makes her attempt, which is not going to be easy…

Malorie, when we meet her first, has two children. She looks at them to warn about the dangerous trip and asks them repeatedly to remain blindfolded no matter what to try to remain as much unexposed as possible. Then, through a flashback, we find the same Malorie who likes her place where she can draw all sort of paintings. Her sister, Jessica, kindly brings her groceries and shows all the support she can. Malorie’s last stage of pregnancy becomes obvious to us, which we already know, at least one child we meet in the beginning is hers. It was that moment when from the news Malorie hears about a strange virus that forces people to take irrational actions.

Soon after the doctor’s visit, Malorie and Jessica were on their way home when Jessica, same as everyone else, saw something and then a chaotic drive of the car culminates into a devastating car accident. Shortly after, Malorie, who’s already in a state of shock, witnesses how a big truck drove over her sister leaving no chances to survive. As soon as the woman begins running for her life, Lydia, Dougas’ wife, notices her and tries to help but moments later is exposed to the strange presence which makes the poor woman to get into the burning car to meet her own death. At home, Malorie meets a group of people, where Tom, the man with whom Malorie develops a special relationship over the course of the film, becomes extremely deep and moving that will lead us to the event of five years later and why Malorie decides to find a safe place somewhere in the river.

“Bird Box” brings a delightful freshness to the horror collection, by turning it into an exquisite piece of filmmaking that touches upon a new era of post-apocalyptic world none would ever want to be part of. Its unbelievable approach and superb direction will turn your journey into a roller coaster of emotions along with Sandra Bullock’s Malorie as a desperate mother who, no matter what, must remain blindfold, ignore all the noises she hears, and reach her aimed destination which she does not even know if it exists or not. But on top of that, it’s an excellent film with great characters where each and every one of them are interesting in their own way. And as for you, my dear reader, rest assured you don’t have to remain blindfolded throughout the movie as you can have your eyes wide open and enjoy the movie that actually delivers what it intended in the first place – complete entertainment.

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