TV Review: HBO`s “Succession” (2018 – ) ★★★★★

Not every TV series has characters written in such a profoundly deep way that in the end not only does it make you care about them, but make you feel as if each and every one of them were, are, and always be a part of the family. “Succession” is a series with an important concept, wealthy world, spoiled children, power that becomes stronger, and media that can be used as a tool. Through the greedy and ruthless world, you’re invited to the universe of constant competition in one of the most powerful family, the Roys, that are willing to eat each other alive. No matter how dangerous it becomes and with so many alarming signs, if you as a viewer have patience, will find it difficult to distance yourself from it. And the good news it, if you are not an HBO subscriber, you can own it on Blu Ray or digital, which is out since November 2018.

Written by a great ensemble of writers and talented directors such as Mark Mylod (4 episodes), Adam Arkin (2 episodes), Miguel Arteta (1 episode), S.J. Clarkson (1 episode), Adam McKay (1 episode), and Andrij Parekh (1 episode), “Succession” follows a dysfunctional American global-media family that hold Ameirica’s narrative in their own news channel, ATN, but can barely handle their own family drama. When Logan Roy (Brian Cox) ends up in the hospital in a critical condition, his children start dividing the company, putting themselves into leadership positions. But when the old man comes back from the death, the love for power has already turned into a dangerously obsessive addiction that begins messing with the Roy family.

Logan Roy is married to Marcia Roy (Hiam Abbas) who is not so welcomed in the family. While her appearance in not as frequent as we wish, her input is significant in a way that dictates her own unredacted narrative in the life of Logan Roy. Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) does not have much expectation from his life, can barely find a job, and is too straightforward to find a place in his father’s empire. But his character begins evolving so dramatically over the course of the series, you will wish to have a stand-alone series about him alone. Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun) is the dark horse of the Roy family, who, when we in the beginning meet him, has no money or job. But he is something you should certainly watch as in season two there, I am sure, will be a lot happening to him or because of him which you would not like to miss at all.

Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) is Logan’s favorite child and probably the only one in the family that can do something without her father’s permission. She is powerful in the political world, can create a presidential candidate, and wishes to end up at Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. Her fiance, Tom (Matthew Macdayen), is another fruit that gets better and better as the series progresses. But it’s Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy, the smartest man in the family and the possible heir to the empire that creates a dramatic chain of events full of ups and downs with no sign of slowing. The only thing Kendall wants is his father’s approval of every action Kendall does. He is hard-working but not as bold as his father in order to cut some important business decisions. Maybe that, maybe something else, but Logan Roy has and seems will never have the intention to support the son but rather, always appears like an iceberg ready to drown his own child.

HBO’s “Succession” is a series that may not have many big names in it other than Brian Cox, Hiam Abbass or Kieran Culkin to draw more attention, but make no mistake, it’s probably the most underrated series that must be seen by many. It’s effective and relevant storyline, the series structure, the opening credit, and its theme is so damn good, I can’t even find deserving words to describe it. It’s like a horror movie with no blood or ghosts, as the characters you see in the series are scary and crazy enough to be carful about them. Although you may find it a bit slow, be patient, because it’s meant to be that way. Some films or series have no intention to provide all the answers in one episode, but rather concentrate on certain characters and keep pushing them along to grow to a level you will start respecting them.

Honestly speaking, it was a pleasant surprise to find “Succession” so intriguing and absolutely amazing. It not only tackles the business world or billions, it touches upon the same business that leaves an inevitable sign on the family that, one way or another, a big shark is ready to swallow everything they find on their way. And as you can imagine, it’s not just business partners, but family members that are willing to crush each other if the opportunity arises. Maybe it’s bad to say, but it’s something what makes me, and hope you as well, eager to watch it continuously until the logical conclusion provided to the Roy family to realize no matter how hard it is, no matter how delicious power is, it’s the unity and the family that heals the pain. But before they realize that, they will have to go through that pain to sense the freedom of will, family and its importance.

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