Film Review: “Mission of Honor” (2018) ★★

What does the past teach us? Do we really look back to process everything that happened and see what lessons we could have taken from it? Sadly, whether now or then, tomorrow or at some point in our life, there is something inside of us that does not like sharing, caring, or just being grateful. Of course, there are possibilities you can find me overthinking here and asking questions such as, “What could possibly an average movie like “Mission of Honor” has to offer that it makes me go deep into analysis of human’s poor behavior?” However, maybe this film is by itself not magnificent, rather can be quickly forgotten, but the subject matter it touches is what we must try to concentrate on as much as we can. Because it’s important to be remembered.

“Mission of Honor” follows brave Polish pilots who eventually became one of the best in air battles while the British were not ready to do so. In the beginning, none of them were taken seriously, and neither do we as we begin seeing their always in-the-joke mode attitude. But all that silliness disappears as soon as they begin flying, chasing enemies, and shooting down planes to become the highest scoring fighter squadron of the Battle of Britain. Altogether, it was in the hand of 145 Polish pilots who served in the Battle of Britain where they eventually destroyed over 203 aircrafts and constituted 20% of the RAF’s strength, much higher than anyone else.

The film itself has its own issues but all that is due to the lack of enough funding so a well-intentioned movie turned into a TV type of piece which unfortunately may end up not being seen by many. It tried to give a fitting tribute to war heroes, capture the importance of the Poles’ contribution to the war, how they fought for their country on foreign soil after which the same country expects to pay its debt to them in a way that should never happen at all.

That said, written by Robert Ryan and Alastair Galbraith, and directed by David Blair, “Mission of Honor” has a great cast to pay a well-deserved tribute. Iwan Rheon, Milo Gibson, and Stefanie Martini in the lead roles carry the entire movie while the CGI, of course, is a bit uncomfortable to even watch. But knowing all the facts, it does its best with the little it had in its hands and “Mission of Honor” manages to turn into a watchable movie that was worth taking seriously.

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