Canadian Film Fest 2019 Review: “Keep Coming Back!” (2018) ★★★

Source: IMDB

The world is full of people suffering from addiction, be it narcotics, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs etc. What do we do to help them to overcome that problem? We have a bunch of rehabs, medicines, and even associations that provide mental help while they face others with the same sickness. But in the end, some relapse happens that keeps them coming back to the point from where they started… But why? It is a question we won’t be able to answer even after the centuries pass by.

“Keep Coming Back!” follows Patty (Deborah Kimmet) who struggles with alcoholism. She once again visits her local AA, but late this time. She does look like she’s intoxicated, but is still eager to get her time to speak with the other participants of AA. As she begins questioning the point of AA, whether it helps people to get free from alcoholism or not, towards the end it will be explained what happened to her, as her life once again will get back to the same shape she keeps refusing to admit – and the only thing she must get rid of.

Written and directed by Brendan Brady, this short film is brilliant at emphasizing the importance of fighting against any sort of addiction. Because it’s human life that matters and the attempts at saving it are always worthwhile. Questioning the cause means casting a shadow of doubt on the only solution which can free from what destroys human life – fear and weakness.

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