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Canadian Film Fest 2019 Review: “Be My Guest” (2018) ★★★


It is fine to repeat sometimes the same things to children to remind them that they can’t touch something that can bring them harm. Those things can be detergent, soap, or even something sharp. But what about the adults that disregard the advice they give to children? “Be My Guest”, written and directed by David Jermyn, explores two main things – not to abuse advanced technology and never use the same password for everything.

Tim (Zachary Bennett) and Claire (Jessica Rose), due to their financial difficulties, agree to use mind-transfer technology that allows them to offer their body to someone else. As riots erupt outside of their house, it’s being reminded that the technology should not harm anyone if it was used properly. But Tim does what he should not have when he goes behind Claire’s back to offer his body to be rented out by someone else. The mistake will cost him greatly, but by the time when he realizes that, it will be too late to fix it.

“Be My Guest” has a great concept that could have been used for a full-feature film but still manages to develop the entire story within twelve minutes. As it touches upon a without-boundaries relationship of a married couple, the film highlights the moment that no matter how perfect a relationship can be, it still can be compromised if the trust of one is lost, which is what happens with Tim and Claire, when their game at some point ends – not in a way the two expected.

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