Film Review: “Acquainted” (2018) ★★

What do we expect from relationships? How do we want them to work? What will happen tomorrow if the love and passion we once felt are replaced by frustration and the disappointment caused, let’s say, by someone who just appeared in our life? It took me some time to digest “Acquainted” written and directed by Natty Zavitz starring Giacomo Gianniotti, Laysla De Oliveira, Rachel Skarsten, and Raymond Ablack. It lost me in the heart of the story, but towards the end, it gained the lost points back by being more reasonable and logical. Here are some reasons why.

The film follows Drew and Emma, who meet at a local bar after a long time. They were once merely acquaintances, but now their relationship has become a lot bigger than that. It seems they are happy with those who they live with; Drew just purchased a house with his long-time girlfriend Claire, Emma, on the other hand, is with Adam, a man with a promising future who deeply cares about her. Nevertheless, that ideal situation shatters after Emma and Drew revisit their current life, a perspective of the future, and what may lie in them.

As soon as we meet Drew, he turns out to be a likable individual, but not so transparent. Emma quickly reveals to him she has a boyfriend just to clear out her nighttime walk with Drew. However, Drew is not that honest with her, as he hides from Emma that he is not merely having a girlfriend, furthermore, he is almost married to his girlfriend whom they share mortgage together. That fact alone, you may agree, is very crucial to hide from someone who suddenly puts in jeopardy an already established a steady relationship with a boyfriend who has his long-term plans for himself and the one who seems to no longer think the same way as she used to.

I would not state that “Acquainted” is a great film, nor attempts to be one. It is just a decent crossroad for the two who must settle what they want in their life. Some lines hilarious, even if it did not intend to entertain, but surely, I should note here, was not as bad as you might think now. As for the performances, the cast did the best they could with the material they had available in their hands, even though there felt a little between Giacomo Gianniotti and Drew, who felt visibly unsure towards his character.

Oliveira’s Emma was believable, but not entirely. But the actress could have managed a better job if she had better direction from Natty Zavitz who should have felt such a noticeable absence of Emma in crucial scenes. Rachel Skarsten as Claire and Raymond Ablack were the only ones who were truly believable. Maybe because of the unfortunate fate of their characters, however, they both truly shone in every scene so much so I literally have no complaints.

In conclusion,  “Acquainted” is an acceptable film with a poignant storyline that could have been more adept. But even if it was not, it still deserves an audience like yourself, who I am sure might understand and appreciate more than I managed. Only if there is one thing we should take away, among other important life lessons is that never get into a long-term mortgage with someone you believe you will spend the rest of your life unless you’re a hundred percent sure. Otherwise, it can be awkward to deal with the unforeseen situation that can bring sadness and disappointment for the rest of someone’s life.

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