Hot Docs 2019: “The Infiltrators” (2019) ★★★★★

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Have you ever asked yourself why one human being mistreats another? Why can’t we learn to live together? Why do we use offensive words that are illegal and alien? What are we trying to prove by calling those who want to have a better life for their loved ones in a way nobody should be called? One thing is certain, if you or someone who you know has not go through deportation nor family separation due illegal status in any country, there’s no way you can measure the pain these people go through every single day due to uncertainty and the broken family.

“The Infiltrators” is a thought-provoking and extremely powerful documentary film that revolves around the member of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance purely created by the Dreamers, or, the undocumented immigrants of US. The nature of their work is straightforward and too risky; they infiltrate into detention centers, gather information about the people that await deportation, send the information outside, and begin putting pressure on the government to stop the deportation. For that they don’t get paid, but the tears of joy in their eyes, by looking at them, you can tell is the only compensation the group anticipates.

Overall, “The Infiltrators” is a documentary that everyone who does not believe in immigrants or naming them such as alien or illegal should watch this piece. As it’s filmed with interviews of real people and the dramatization of events, it helps to get a closer look of the events that occur inside and the outside of detention centers.

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