Tribeca 2019 Film Review: “Ponyboi” (2019) ★★★

It’s not fair when some people have to feel their worthiness only through the dreams they dream. It should not be that way. But that is the only way it occurs for many. To watch Ponyboi is like a dream itself – the titular character is like a magician – he knows what he wants and what he’s worth. But the imaginary man who visits him in his head is the only one who makes him feel openly happy.

Set on Valentine’s day, Ponyboi is like everyone else – he wants to love and be loved on this very special day. As an intersex sex worker, he’s fed up of disrespect he receives, tired of the ruthless boyfriend of his colleague, and desires nothing more than being on a blue mustang driving away from New Jersey on a highway. But as it could become a magical day, our hero always has in his mind the man of his dreams who is not only a true gentleman but also polite, sincere, and always caring.

“Ponyboi”, written by River Gallo and directed by River Gallo and Sade Clacken Joseph, is an excellent short film filled with River Gallo’s terrific performance. His portrayal of Ponyboi is so sincere and moving, there is never a single moment you have a doubt about him. As for the concept, the film tackles one day in the life of one individual who is worth being talked about. His dreamy eyes, beautiful dreams, and being able to stand for himself brings all the necessary elements together to realize the importance of fighting for yourself and knowing that we all deserve better than what we get. Luckily for Ponyboi, he will get a chance to taste real life through the freedom he makes for himself.

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