Tribeca 2019 Film Review: “This Perfect Day” (2019) ★★★

© Lydia Rui

To save the world from being unjust, all that we need is a few people who understand the struggle, realizes the importance of compassion and gives a chance to someone to have something, even temporarily, if there is no money for it. And when that person, knowingly or not, has a relation to someone who is in need of emotional touch, soothing words is the best cure for any pain caused by loneliness.

“This Perfect Day” celebrates its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. It follows Jules who, one fine day, walks into a music store where she meets John, a salesman. During their five minute interaction, they both open up their heart – one to share her deeply sad story and another one to appreciate it, understand it, and do some adjustments to his already heartwarming personality. Because it is a necessary and relevant story of kindness we should hear and watch more often. And more importantly, a story of someone who learns to change himself in a way he did not even know he could.

“This Perfect Day” is a short film written and directed by Lydia Rui who addresses the life of Jules, a girl who shares her story with John about her father’s favorite music which she learns about before her mother dies. And when she tells him after playing the same song on the guitar that she never met him in her entire life, he responds after giving her a deep look, “Not all men are meant to be fathers.” However, as you watch the film towards the end, you will realize that maybe the man was right but not entirely. And why do I think that way? That is something I will leave it up to you to find out.

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