Film Review: “Clickbait” (2019) ★★

What can be better than a goofy film with no sense at all? You sit and watch something you have no idea about; the storyline is plain, illogical, yet you still have something to talk about? “Clickbait” is one of the silliest films you will ever see in your entire life. However, it has one thing which you can’t take away from it – a socially relevant concept that alone is good enough to have an open discussion about.

Bailey is obsessed with her celebrity status and is willing to do anything to retain her fame at any cost. She has her own video channel on a YouTube type of server with lots of clicks. When she realizes that her competitors are doing much better than her, she comes up with one brilliant idea which she failed to execute due to being kidnapped by a stranger who appears to be her dedicated fan. And her friend Emma is the only who can save Bailey from the horror she literally put herself into.

Why do people run after popularity? What would they do to gain two minutes of it again? Money, power, and their name that can be mentioned by others are only a few out of millions of other reasons people do insane things and Colby Stewart’s Bailey is one of them. It is almost painful to watch or even to listen to what Bailey has to say. And as you watch the film, it seems intentional to draw an image of a fame addict person that literally should be looking for professional help instead.

Written by Jeremy Long and Michael J. Epstein, and directed by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, “Clickbait” is a low-budget horror film that will literally make you sick throughout the movie and not because of certain scenes in which we see ketchup type of blood, but its heroines which you will wish were not inspired by real people.  But the whole problem is, it most likely was, and that’s why “Clickbait” deserves applause for tackling it in such a manner that you will try to run or hide somewhere in the jungle to escape all the madness society brings through its advanced technology that’s abused by people.

As for the performances, both Colby Stewart and Brandi Aguilar did their best with the material they had in their hands. The best thing they have achieved is not taking seriously the characters they portrayed and rather enjoyed being them, which helped the film get extra points. That said, “Clickbait” might be the most entertaining bad movie you will ever see in your entire life, yet, it is one of those pieces you should not miss when you come across just to witness that there is no way it could get any worse than it already is.

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