Film Review: “Child`s Play” (2019) ★★

What do we know about the classic Chucky? He is evil and murderous. Whenever you see him, you better run as fast as you can. But all of this did happen back in the 1980s and never stopped to continue its vicious journey. However, there`s a big difference between then and now – especially now when Chucky is smarter and even able to control an entire home through a smartphone. However, there’s one thing you should know about the new Chucky, a Chucky many will overlook.

Kaslan organization delivers the most famous toy every child wants to have  – known as Buddy (voiced by Mark Hamill) who wants to have a best friend. Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) barely manages to provide for his son Andy (Gabriel Bateman). He is smart but has no friends. When a customer returns a Kaslan toy stating manufacturing defect as the reason, the single mother uses it as an opportunity to take the toy home to his son as an advance birthday gift, not realizing it indeed has a manufacture defect that is about to turn, firstly, their life upside down, and then the life of many others.

The film opens in Vietnam when a frustrated boss started yelling at his employee using offensive words and threatening with firing him afterward. When the man gets angry, he removes all the coarse language detection and violent behavior from a toy activating him as a slow ticking bomb. After finishing up the product, the man jumps out of the window leaving the world to suffer from that moment on. However, it’s fair to note that, Buddy or how he likes calling himself – Chucky, is doing his best for his new best friend Andy. He watches him carefully and ensures he is always happy.

As the smart toy studies its new owner, he tries to understand what he likes and dislikes the most. For instance, when Andy was watching a gruesome horror film with lots of knife stabbing, Andy and his new friends could not stop laughing at the violent scenes, rather, were enjoying every minute of it, the toy assumes; this is what Andy likes – violence. When Andy mentions about his cat as the worst cat ever after getting scratched, his best friend takes care of it by eliminating the cat. Same goes for Karen’s boyfriend Shane (David Lewis), whom Andy could not stand, and Chucky makes sure to note this part down as well, as his primary goal is to make Andy happy no matter what. And if the disappearance of Shane from Andy’s life is an option, Chucky does not hesitate to fulfill his mission to serve his owner till the end.

The screenplay, written by Tyler Burton Smith and directed by Lars Klelvberg, “Child’s Play”, whether intentional or not, offers an intelligent premise, at least that’s how I see it. For instance, what would happen if Andy liked the old classical comedies? Let’s say what if Andy liked basketball or any other sport? Chucky, regardless of the sinister intention of his program, probably would react differently. That, of course, would have ended up being a whole different film. However, the choice was made and Andy liked violence, he enjoyed watching how people were getting killed as he watched the film, and Chucky liked that. Because it is what he saw makes Andy happy, so he continues doing the same thing, as he had nothing better to learn from. That alone is a good reason to watch the film because it gives a new look to an old beloved film, and I hope we’ll have many more coming in the future.

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