TV Review: “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (2018) ★★★★

Nowadays TV plays a major role in not only promoting concepts through the small screen that the big screen cannot afford, it also gives more time to enjoy the process of character development, stay with beloved characters a bit more than just one hour and half of the performance if it is good enough so we can enjoy longer than the usual time. Australia’s TV is a major catalyst to boost the ideas even the Western TV cannot. “Picnic at Hanging Rock” based on Joan Lindsay novel and directed by Larysa Kondracki, Michael Rymer and Amanda Brotchie is a good reminder of how quality show should look like and how it should be made from now on….

It follows the event which took place back 1900’s, whether true or not it’s up to the viewer to decide, when on February 14th, on St. Valentine day three schoolgirls mysteriously vanish without a trace. As it follows what happens before the events that lead to the disappearance of the young women, the viewer will have plenty of time to get into the depth of the Appleyard College lead by the headmistress Mrs. Appleyard.

The pilot episode that premiered earlier at Tribeca Film Festival in New York begins with Mrs. Appleyard who just showcases her skills in negotiation to buy the big mansion for lesser money to turn into an upper-class women’s private boarding school. In this college everything seems normal. Mrs. Appleyard is a big bully but no one is being bothered by that. The schoolgirls are naïve but still smart despite their young age, but more importantly, are very stubborn and as a result of it, will end up with the disappearance of three students.

Right from the beginning the show grabs the viewer’s attention through its exceptional style, scenery, soundtrack, performance, dialogues, costumes and cinematography which turns the limited series into a beautifully paint image that you would like to have hanging on your wall. As it re-imagines or recreates what has been told in the novel, the directors taking their own approach are refreshing and courageous.

In the end, if there is a show you’re thinking about to watch at the end of May, make sure to add “Picnic at Hanging Rock” in your must-see list to not miss the summer’s most intriguing and captivating series from Amazon!

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