Film Review: “Survival Box” (2019) ★★★

What would you do if you find yourself locked in a bunker, 20 feet under, while the whole world has been destroyed? Normally the remaining survivors, as per basic logic, must unite in order to survive. Even though that was the case in William Scoular’s “Survival Box”, but it lasted only for a while when seven friends find themselves under uncontrollable tension with no way of escaping it.

After high school getting over, two brothers, Josh (Jake Kenny-Byrne) and Ben Braigen (Daniel von Diergardt), have nothing to worry about as their future could not be any better. However, that was only for a day or so, but after planning to throw a party in their family’s survival bunker, they had no idea that they along with five friends (Camila, Saundra, Travis, Kit, and Scott) will be the only ones left in the entire world. After competing on whose nuclear button is more effective, it appears that both President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jon Un begin proving their point by sending undeclared number of people towards their inevitable and instant death.

After the incident, all seven friends are trapped in a bunker with supplies that should last only for the next nine months. Scott (Adam Morvto) is the first one who goes against his current situation by not only being in denial but insisting either Kit (Maria Jose Zuniga) or Chris leave the bunker with him. Not realizing what’s left of Philadelphia or the entire state of Pennsylvania, the young people must overcome the claustrophobic environment, begin sharing food, and be extra careful with the supplies so as to not run out of it quickly. But what they had no idea about is that their biggest concern was not the food supply, hot or cold water, but their patience that was quickly disappearing to be replaced with anger, frustration, and uncertainty.

Having said that, the screenplay by Ashlin Halfnight and directed by William Scoular, the “Survival Box” explores not only adolescence but inexperience in life and unreadiness for situations like the one they found themselves in. Indeed, the age of nuclear war hits them really hard. Within seconds they lose the life they had before they entered that bunker. While it’s understandable that they have no time to grieve, the younger generation still tries to remain cool as the story unfolds where you will see they are not so good at that.

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