Film Review: “Brittany Runs A Marathon” (2019) ★★★★

Every time when we watch films, we expect to watch an incredible story that will move us. But not only that, with so many issues people are facing every day, the cinematic world acts as a refuge to escape from reality for some, while for others it is like a meeting with a friend who will provide useful advice. “Brittany Runs A Marathon” is an inspiring film that shows that it’s never late to take control over a life when you are surrounded by the right friends who are willing to influence positively on your life.

Set in New York, Brittany Forgler is a funny and admirable young woman whose life does not seem to please her much. Her night adventures make her late to work every morning, has a friend that would rather drag her to the nightclub than give her some advice. All that changes when she pays a visit to a doctor who clearly specifies all the health issues she has – high blood pressure and overweight beacuse of high BMI. Brittany realizes that she has to do something with her life before it’s too late, and thanks to her neighbor from upstairs, Katherine, she finally begins reshaping her life and even challenges herself to run the New York Marathon, which is not easy at all. But running one block at a time helps her gain confidence, and from that moment on she has no intention to slow down.

Brittany is an exceptionally rich character you will be eager to learn all about. As soon as the film starts, we already like her but disapprove with whatever she comes up with. Her best friend (Alice Lee) is not helpful. At some point she’s angry and calls Brittany “a fat” which breaks her heart enormously. At some point, when Brittany finds herself broke and without a job, she cries in her small apartment when Katherine (Michaela Watkins) hears her cry. “Your life is much easier than mine,” Brittany shouts at Katherine and tries to close the door, when the true life-changing moment happens right at that moment, when, despite Katherine’s beauty and slim body (at least that’s how Brittany sees Katherine), Brittany learns Katherine’s story realizing no one’s life is that easy.

It’s Katherine’s persistence and  Brittany’s willingness to really change which forces her to do something about her life. And as soon as she starts running one block at a time, her mood changes, she starts losing weight, and even the train that she always misses, at one point, stopped right on time for the passenger in it to hold the door for her. And when Brittany begins reassessing her physical readiness, with the help of her new friends, she starts getting ready for a Marathon not to win the title, but reach the finish line at least. And whatever she does, you as a viewer will be very inspired by her strong will, because what Brittany does now is something she has not done in a very long time – stopped being self-judgmental and loving herself even more.

Written and directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo, “Brittany Runs a Marathon” must be seen by anyone who hesitates to start afresh or thinks it’s too late to do anything. The movie itself is funny, easygoing, educational, and will bring a smile to your face throughout. All the ninety-seven minutes that you’re about to spend will be worthwhile of your time, as this film helps the audience to grow, become self-confident, and not to be afraid to look at the mirror no matter what you see there. Because life itself is not easy. Today’s success can be a big failure of tomorrow. However, when all the fears are left behind, anything can be possible. Most importantly, one thing we should stop being worried about is how we look. Because everyone is beautiful. And this film is so good at pointing that out.

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