Film Review: “The Sky is Pink” (2019) ★★★

Life and death are both inseparable friends. They walk hand in hand in an alley that decides who should be born, live, or die. This kind of concept is intriguing enough to be explored, especially when it’s told from the perspective of a deceased person who sees things differently. Based on real events, the film takes us into a poignant journey where it follows one couple from the start of the birth of their daughter to the moment where they had to bury her.

 “The Sky is Pink” is an incredibly emotional love story of Aditi (Priyanka Chopra) and Niren (Farhan Akhtar) spanning twenty-five years told through the perspective of their daughter, Aisha (Zaira Wasim) who loses her battle to S.C.I.D. (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency). Through these years, we will fall in love with them, mourn their loss, appreciate them, and even hold their hands through the silver screen. Based on real events, the film focuses on the meaning of life and family, love and loss, and how all these should be celebrated together.

The beginning of the film begins on a lighter note than what we expect from a heavy-loaded drama. Despite being long enough, it never slows down as its ability to transform from one timeline to another shakes up the tension we know is coming. However, there’s one big problem in the film that despite it being really great, Priyanka Chopra never ages on screen. For instance, Niren, as the years pass by, has grey hair and wrinkles while Chopra looks like a fine looking woman in her twenties when the age of her character at some point was fifty years old.

It was suggested once, as a joke, that perhaps Aditi uses anti-age creams, but somehow those creams did not produce the magic for Niren who deeply mourns the loss while Aditi’s character, despite also being in a bad shape, remains fresh, healthy, and energetic all the time. The same was observed in “Quantico” where Chopra’s character, a fugitive who does not have time to sleep at all, always looks fresh, wears make-up, and is never tired.

If we remove those elements, directed by Shonali Bose, “The Sky is Pink” is a deeply moving film that carries a universal message. Indeed, none of us live long enough. At some point, we all must face death. We just wish it will be later rather than sooner, and when that moment comes, it is always good to be prepared no matter how unbelievable this may sound. As for the loss, it’s another detail of life we cannot avoid which this film describes so well. By the time it’s over, don’t be surprised if people around you cry non-stop and, make no mistake, you will also be one of them.

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