Film Review: Disney+`s “Lady and the Tramp” (2019) ★★★

Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”, the reimagining of the 1955 version, was one of the highly anticipated movies since Disney announced the launch of a new streaming service. I wouldn’t lie but it was the first thing I decided to watch. Not because of being a big fan of the Disney World but because of its magic that no one else can recreate. However, after watching Charlie Bean’s version, it did not feel like a movie I should have dropped everything to watch.

The old and beloved story, this time a live-action with the some adopted dogs, tells us what we already know. It follows two unlikely dogs that embark themselves on an incredible journey behind their locked fences. They are free as they pass one street after another. They begin feeling the power of the world and, of course, its beauty to the fullest. However, the man from the dog pound continues chasing them until the moment when the two must decide their next step to not be caught.

Lady, voiced by Tessa Thompson, was just brought into the home of Darling (Kiersey Clemons) and Jim Dear (Thomas Mann). She is cleaned, given a name, and overall, is feeling complete. She has the love which every dog dreams of getting from its owner. However, when Darling gives birth to a little baby, the dog is confused and feels abandoned. Meeting Tramp (Justin Theroux) brings some color to the already darkened days. And when she was forced to move out of the house due to her being noisy, everything turns upside down.

When Lady, having no choice, joins Tramp, the two discover a new adventure for themselves while trying to understand why one is so attached to home while the other one tries to stay away from it. As the two begin exploring each other’s story and personality, they slowly fall for each other helplessly, realizing no matter what, the bond dogs have with each other is stronger than anything else. But when the time comes to make a choice, Lady will have to think hard before saying anything as it may impact not only her future but the future of Tramp as well.

There’s something about “Lady and the Tramp” I hardly can figure out. As soon as I started watching it, it felt magical and superior. But after half an hour, it no longer appeared exciting or interesting. Maybe it is because of the unconvincing voicing of actors who have done their job poorly or the direction. But whatever it is, “Lady” was missing its fire that rather burned before getting a chance to make its statement. Dogs, of course, are super adorable, cute, and do well with acting. Sadly, much better than the real one or those who were trusted to give them their voices.

Overall, “Lady and the Tramp” is not that bad. But it could have been much better than it was. It owns some cute scenes but those scenes can’t be the only highlight of an entire movie that really had nothing special to offer. This is why, whether you agree or not, certain classic pieces should never be touched. And when they are, it better be something special and far more interesting than completely boring and uninspiring like “Lady and the Tramp”, which is such a shame.

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