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Film Review: “Frozen II” (2019) ★★★★★


We grew up reading fancy fairy tales where the prince charming in his shining armor saves the day. As a reward, he gets a beautiful princess to marry and they live happily ever after. Therefore, it was refreshing when Disney’s smash hit “Frozen” (2013) hit the silver screen for it redefined the fate of princesses who do not necessarily need to engage in a romantic relationship rather focus on other important things such as the strong familial bond between two sisters. Both Elsa and Anna of Arendelle are fearless and unstoppable when it comes to saving each other, and “Frozen II” was no exception in showcasing sister power which we really needed to see more of.

“Frozen II” takes us not far after the events that took place in the first part, just three years apart. Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) is with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff). Olaf (Josh Gad) continues being cute and funny. As for Elsa (Idina Menzel), she seems happy where she is, until the moment when she begins hearing a voice. When she accidentally wakes up an enchanted forest that has been covered in mist for over three decades, she realizes that she must do everything in her power to save her kingdom. Joined by her sister, Olaf, and Kristoff, Elsa is determined to find the truth of the origin of her power by learning the secret of the past that is as dangerous as her present.

The film opens with King Agnarr of Arendelle (Alfred Molina) who tells a story to his young children, Anna and Elsa, that their grandfather, Kind Runeard (Jeremy Sisto), who after establishing a treaty with the tribe of Northuldra, builds a dam in the Northuldra’s homeland, the forest known as Enchanted. However, due to a fight that occurred right after, the man dies and the young Agnarr is saved by a mysterious savior who seemed to have had his own reasons to do so. Since that moment on, the forest was protected by the mist and would not let anyone go in or out. Of course, except Elsa, who through her magical power could open any closed door.

Realizing the great danger that lies ahead, it does not appear that Elsa’s power is enough to save Arendelle from the unfortunate fate. But Anna, who survives all the obstacles in the first part, is confident enough that if she stays by Elsa’s side, together they can defeat any enemy, get closer to the truth, have their home saved from the disaster, and bring peace to Elsa’s heart which is so eager to find her real purpose in life. As we follow our beloved characters, listening to the beautifully performed songs, “Frozen II”, same as the first part, never disappoints by bringing the beauty of characters inside out to full display.

Screenplay by Jennifer Lee and co-directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck (both directed Frozen, 2013) “Frozen II” brings the most gorgeous and fascinating animation to life. While it may not beat the first part of the installment, it still holds its ground by having its characters evolve dramatically, giving them an opportunity to grow and become more mature, intelligent, and risk-taking. For instance, despite knowing that Anna, who has no powers, still can have the final word in rescuing her sister Elsa from, sometimes, herself, Elsa still is the most important character written by Disney – strong, smart, brave, and unstoppable. Her charisma is unprecedented. There is no Disney character existing that could share the same pedestal with Idina Menzel’s voiced Elsa, who alone can travel beyond her fear, defeat it from within, and return as a heroine.

“Frozen II” also satisfies with enchanting songs such as “Into the Unknown”, “Show Yourself” and “All is Found” (performed by the charming Evan Rachel Wood) that will probably turn into an instant lullaby for children around the globe.  Characters are far better than they were before. And, of course, for its concept, it has an interesting point to deliver which only adults can understand – the similarity between the built dam and the famous wall President Trump wants to build. While this can be my own interpretation of that twist, it explains one thing very carefully – we don’t build dams or walls around because it’s a symbol of anything but unity. That said, “Frozen II” deserves all the praise it receives. From start to end, it is full of magical scenes, perfectly written lines, and the story I am sure, you will want to revisit more than a dozen times.

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