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Tribeca 2020: “The Difference” (2020) ★★★


We all want things to change. Our biggest wish is to make a difference not only in our own life but in the lives of those in need. So what do we really do to help them? To help ourselves? How about the children who’re meant to be the next generation? We can’t help everyone, that’s true, but taking one step at a time can bring us closer to bigger results.

“The Difference” questions the importance of taking steps, providing necessary tools, giving a hand, and doing what’s necessary to help children thrive. In collaboration with the Holistic Life Foundation of Baltimore, the film explores all the opportunities the foundation has in place to reduce, if not eliminate, the struggle of children and help them gain meaning in their lives, self-confidence, and grow as individuals. Through programs such as yoga or mindfulness education, HLF helps individuals to make a difference in their lives.

Directed by Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, “The Difference” is indeed proof that everything is up to us. It is not difficult to look around, find those that struggle, and guide them through their stormy lives by providing an education that can help in creating peace of mind. In the world we live in, there are lots of greedy and selfish people but watching “The Difference” will make you feel comforted as if the same would occur in your community. Because we need more people with resources who need to step up, help others, and let children see the beauty of life outside of their chaotic reality. And “Difference” serves as an inspiring short docu-film with a heartfelt message in it, I am sure, will pass through any, apologies for stating, frozen heart.

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