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Tribeca 2020: “I Can Change” (2020) ★★★


What would you do if you get a chance to stop time or even to reverse it? Besides changing the results of 2016 US elections, what else could you do?

John (John Hoogenakker) is a typical underachiever. He seems to have missed all his opportunities on his way to the age of 40. On a night before his wedding, he gets a lifetime opportunity to stop time. When he gets to the church but is late to explain his reasons for being delayed, his fiance (Lucy Cudden), in complete disbelief, asks him to prove that he indeed has the ability he tries to insist her about. As he fulfills one wish after another for her, he realizes that life is much more interesting than being stuck in a marriage.

“I Can Change”, written and directed by Jim Jenkins, is a hilarious short film about one man who makes all his fiance’s dreams come true in terms of what she expected from him and he overachieves his goal by finding his new self in the most comprehensive way possible. And it all happens while his fiance waits for him in the church not realizing that there might be no wedding the next day if she continues asking John to do things that literally would distance him from her further.

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