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Tribeca 2020: “Query” (2020) ★★★


Two friends can talk about anything, discuss their darkest secrets, fears and what lies beneath it. But what if the two go beyond their expectation to unleash on themselves an outcome they did not see coming?

Jay (Justice Smith) and Alex (Graham Patrick Martin) have been best friends since they turned eleven. They are open to discuss any subject. They play computer games, solve crosswords, and even have time to share their opinion on sexuality. What the two did not know though is the ending that is capable of knocking them out, and once it happens, it seems there is no way back for them.

“Query”, written by Ryan Farhoudi and Sophie Kargman, who also directed this quite amazing short, explores the two best pals that do not mind opening pandora’s box. Jay and Alex’s chemistry is undeniable. They understand each other, are exceptionally charismatic and open-minded. But once Alex offers Jay to have their limits in terms of sexuality, the young man is stunned. But once he accepts the challenge, it changes both their perspectives on what is yet to come.

That being said, “Query” is one of those short films that not only offers a great cast to pull off such a stunning story but also a subject matter that will surely be interesting to many. For instance, how much can we learn about two individuals who are capable of turning their own life upside down within seconds? Alex and Jay are okay with where they are. Both are aware of their boundaries and do not mind crossing them if the query they run on each other will meet the expectation. It’s a lesson they need to learn. A lesson that will shape their evening with the lasting taste of human nature and its ability to transform in unexpected ways.

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