Film Review: “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby” (2019) ★★★

It was 2017 when the first part of “A Christmas Prince” glorified Netflix’s ever-expanding universe. When the calendar hit 2018, it once again came back to life, this time for “The Royal Wedding”.  So what is it that makes it so special that the online streaming platform keeps making sequels for something that does not exceed a 5.5 rating on IMDB? The answer, my most valuable reader, is very simple – we do not need to have a masterpiece to get joy from the preview of a film that might offer a predictable storyline but has a heart and a healthy soul to live happily ever after.

Set in Aldovia’s Christmas time, Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are preparing to become parents by January 11th. In the meantime, a big preparation begins to renew the six thousand years old sacred truce between Penglia and Aldovia. By the time when King Tai and King Richard were getting ready to renew the treaty for another hundred years, to their great surprise, they find that it has disappeared. Now, the Kingdom has a day only to find the document before the two allies become enemies, and more importantly, prevent an ancient curse to come into effect that may target the royal baby directly.

It all starts well for our beloved characters and it seems nothing can disrupt their idyllic life and big plans for the near future. A grand preparation is on its way to meet King Tai and Queen Ming when Amber carries a historic idea in her head – what if the treaty was signed first by Queens instead, breaking the long-standing tradition? Of course, it would probably work out perfectly if not for the fact that someone, we’re yet to learn, who wants to sabotage the historic moment by stealing the only thing that keeps the two kingdoms from fighting each other. When Amber takes the matters in her hand, she is joined by Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey), Queen Helena (Alice Krige) and more to find the agreement before it’s too late. Having not much time, Aldovia becomes chaotic while the person who puts the start to the mess enjoys the entire process.

You may say, what is so unique about “The Royal Baby” and why on earth anyone should even care to watch the new installment. But the good news is, despite all the simplicities of the story and being clichéd, it somehow breaks the tradition and makes it absolutely fun to watch. While I myself wonder why I keep coming back to “A Christmas Prince” when there’s nothing new, it keeps surprising me every time when I preview it on Netflix. There’s something about it that is so genuine, I am lost for words to describe it. It has a self-invented charm that shines each time brighter and brighter, which what makes this film so adorable and cute.

That said, based on the characters created by Kakren Schaler, written by Nate Atkins, and directed by John Schults, “The Royal Baby” delivers the best answer to what to watch on a Christmas night when you have already seen everything else. It’s family-oriented, avoids coarse language, is well-intentioned and sublime in its own way. It may not be clever enough, but there is nothing to worry about it as it offers an excellent opportunity to escape the lonely evening or noisy streets by entering into the world of Aldovia, which gets bigger and better with every touch.

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