Film Review: “A Christmas Carol” (1938) ★★★★


Christmas is the time of the year when you cherish your happiness, appreciate the special moments with those who are close to your heart. And that of course has nothing to do with religion, but rather with the spirit this wonderful holiday brings. However, there is one person in the entire world who declines the presence of Christmas, is rude and impossible person, ignores happy people and makes miserable the lives during of those who happen work for him during Christmas– Mr. Scrooge. But that is about to change soon when the spirits of the past, present and future visit him where he learns how important it is to appreciate the moment, to not lose respect and love of those who are still ready to keep their heart open for him.

Jacob Marley used to work for Mr. Scrooge before he departed this world. However, when Christmas is about knock Scrooge’s door, his late business partner in the shape of a spirit appears before Scrooge, informing him about the arrival of three spirits, who will hunt him every hour, starting from 1 AM to 3 AM. And in order to escape his fate, the man must learn not only how to handle them, but perhaps, to take a lesson if he does not want to share Marley’s fate. Soon after, as predicted, the first spirit of the past appears in Scrooge’s room taking him to the past to remind him how kind and gentle man he used to be. During this moment, Scrooge, probably, first time ever will drop a tear, and that won’t be stopped until the moment he realizes that being a callous and greedy old man he misses the most important gift no money could ever buy for him – love and happiness from people who would never give up on him no matter how harsh his personality is.

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is probably one of the most beloved books ever written, while watching the movie can bring to a viewer nothing but endless joy and feeling of unity a Christmas spirit brings. However, there is something pure, real, and incredibly positive energy that comes from Edwin L. Martin’s A Christmas Carol directed back in 1938. It never fails to deliver Dickens’ story the way it’s been told. Moreover, it fulfils it with a great performance of the entire cast while Reginald Owen is simply adorable as Ebenezer Scrooge. This is why if you’re trying to find a movie to raise your holiday spirit, you should watch A Christmas Carol without any hesitation as I am sure it will certainly make you good once again, as it did for so many decades.

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