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Sundance 2020 Review: “Blocks” (2020) ★★★

Being a mom is a very difficult job to execute day in and day out. Giving birth is one thing, but to raise a child is a whole different story. As the child grows, it demands attention, more toys, and gifts. As for the toys, we all know what happens in their room when they leave the stuff unclean and messy.

Ashleigh (Claire Coffee) has two adorable children and enjoys being a mom. However, she gets extremely tired each time she has to clean up the house, ask the kids questions, and look after their toys that are literally scattered everywhere in the house. More importantly, they have a bunch of blocks from LEGO they don’t put together. All these results in Ashleigh developing a strange condition where she starts throwing up the blocks. Not knowing what else to do with the accumulated blocks, the woman comes up with the only option which, I am sure, you all will admire.

Written and directed by Bridget Moloney, “Blocks” is a hilarious film that will be appreciated by every parent. It almost reads the mind of each parent who takes care of cleaning the house to come up with a brilliant idea for Claire Coffee’s Ashleigh to exercise. Certainly, who wants to see a mother who suddenly starts vomiting plastic toy blocks? But the hilarious short from Moloney is all that you will want to watch to make your day.

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