Film Review: “German Chainsaw Massacre” (1990) ★★★★

Never thought it would be so hard to find the proper words that could describe what I had to go through during the preview of “German Chainsaw Massacre”. It’s more of horror with an element of comedy, but I could hardly call it funny as it was terrifying to see what human beings can do to each other. But it also offers that weird look into the political situation of East and West Berlin when Germany was formed. Yes, the process of reunification is a pretty good example of what unity means… But in “Chainsaw Massacre”, the harmony of unity was found in a group of mentally ill people, and that I assure you, is the nicest way to call the people-like creatures we see in it.

On Oct 3rd, 1990, during the reunification festivities of Berlin, the East and West no longer ignore the border between them and happily pass from one side of Berlin to another. Clara, fed up with her life in the Eastern part and her husband, leaves her home for her lover who lives in the Western part. However, she finds herself in the arm of butchers who turn every human they find into meat and sell it to others. The only reason Clara is still alive is because of the butcher’s daughter, Margit, who falls for her. But when she begins her search for help, she realizes that there is no sane person around left except herself, whose current situation does not look promising for her to remain sane much longer.

The opening scene was disgusting enough (in a good way though) to turn my eyes away from the screen. As the story unfolded, it got worse and worse by all means. Even though it would look like everyone in the film appeared to have escaped from a mental infirmary, Clara was kind of an okay and mentally stable person, but that changes as well. Honestly speaking, it was nothing surprising because what she had to go through was an absolute nightmare. And even you, my dear viewer, will have to be prepared for the kind of queer journey not even a single movie nowadays can offer.

In conclusion, “German Chainsaw Massacre” is an absolute delight to watch. It’s a great horror movie I would recommend to only a few. And it’s all because of Christoph Schlingensief, the director who found the right concept in the film, escpecially the one where all the murdered people’s meat turn into sausage was absolutely unique and a pretty incredible idea. Indeed, it has that rare political message in it which is not as impactful as it was back then. But still, more or less hearable and comprehensible for the newer generation to see the movie interpretation of what happens when walls fall in the name of reunification. As for the performance, it’s another story that I wish to know more about how the actors even agreed to get into this insane project. But I’m glad they did, as it was a truly mind-blowing performance from start till the end.

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