Film Review: “I Still Believe” (2020) ★★★

The cycle of life and death is inevitable and unstoppable. It is what we ordinary human beings must deal with every day when some of us are born while others shut their eyes forever. Stories that need to be told or yet to be sung in songs are worth hearing. But what do we do after we hear them? Do we try to learn something from them or try to set new precedents? Whatever it is, we shall continue believing that whoever departed this world has left an impact in the exact same way the story of Jeremy Camp does in “I Still Believe”.

“I Still Believe” is based on the true story of an American Christian music star, Jeremy Camp KJ Apa and his heartbreaking journey with his first wife, Melissa (Britt Robertson), who, before their marriage, was diagnosed with third-stage ovarian cancer. Despite the lost battle, Jeremy, through his relationship with Melissa and how she saw the world, must learn to gain back his faith, understand the true meaning of loss and the hope it gives in the end, even though his dearest person on Earth is no longer with him.

There was an instant spark between the two when we first find Jeremy and Melissa together; during the concert of their common friend, Jeal Luc (Nathan Parsons). They both love music, walk in the same area, think deeply of life and appreciate the moments they have. Despite taking a while for both of them to say ‘I Love you’ to one another, “I Still Believe”, directed by the Erwin Brothers, makes no mistake by capturing a subtle moment between the two to build a path for Jeremy and Melissa that will leave an entire audience in a river of tears.

Even the moment of tension Jeremy and Melissa share due to Jean-Luc’s own interest in Melissa, the young couple overcomes the obstacles and celebrate their short life together with ever-lasting happiness that is equally overwhelming and uplifting at the same time. However, when Jeremy learns about Melissa’s disease, he stays by her side until the end. Through that emotional journey, Melissa makes one point clear – she wants her life to have an impact on others even if that other is just one person. What she did not know though was that is exactly what will happen with Jeremy when he is left completely alone in an empty world of his with no Melissa in it to enrich his life.

“I Still believe” is a Christian romantic drama with a touching love story that will melt your heart. Well acted by the entire cast, the film walks the fine line of purity, beliefs, God, and His presence in people’s lives. Even though the ending could not be more obvious, the Erwin Brothers’ piece shows that love is larger than life and even if life has gone itself, love for one another is gained and that’s the most important message for generations to come – immortality “I Still Believe” that needed to be told.

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