Film Review: “Only” (2019) ★★

Watching dystopian dramas is always fun. Whether its plot makes sense or not, whether we have to live through its concept or our next generation, it is certainly mind-blowing just to witness through the silver screen what else the world has to offer. However, not all of them are like that. Not all of them forces you to check your watch every five minutes because the movie itself is so painfully dull, it simply becomes unreal.

“Only”, written and directed by Takashi Doscher, follows Will (Leslie Odom Jr.) and Eva (Freida Pinto) when they find themselves in the midst of a widespread virus that, believe it or not, targets women only. Mysterious ashes fall from the sky which keeps killing one woman after another with no cure in sight. As the world tries to find its way to repopulate itself, Will and Eva must run for their life, and as you can imagine, she becomes the target of every individual who is afraid of her being contagious.

It all starts with Carolyn (Tia Hendricks), Eva’s roommate, who becomes the first victim of a mysterious virus. On his way to the hospital, Will realizes the importance of securing Eva from the outside world, so he rushes back home to sterilize everything, lock the doors, secure windows, and of course, hide Eva under the bed in case the army comes looking after her. The film starts when its heroes are already into four hundred days of hiding. Then, through flashbacks, it offers a backstory which, to be frank, made no sense at all.

Just to be clear, not every film should provide a conclusion, solution or answer to all the questions. For that we should use our imagination, it is fair to note, shouldn’t we? However, with “Only”, not sure if we can go further to justify the whole point of the film or its storyline which was full of gaps. Again, with the ending being offered, it brings us back to one opinion – why did we watch something the writer did not know how to fully unfold.

Again, it all can be just me, or a bit of tiredness I had. Maybe I was not too focused on the film and missed some crucial scenes. That’s why I don’t want to be the one who makes the decision for you whether to watch it or not. And if you do, I sincerely hope you will enjoy it more than I did. Because this movie, whether good or bad, still deserves to find its audience which I myself was not.

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